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Online Marketing Data Warehouse Tool

We reduce complexity precisely where data volumes seem almost uncontrollable. With its own data warehouse, the OM Optimiser© provides more clarity in the age of Big Data. Upgrade now!

Cloud and Big Data technologies deliver masses of data. How do you keep track of it all? Through smart data integration, for example. As a study by BARC – “The Data Management Survey 19” – showed, this is crucial for a successful data warehouse modernization. The OM Optimiser© delivers here too. With data from 20 applications.

The data warehouse is the heart of the OM Optimiser©. In all relevant channels – SEO, SEA, Social, Inbound & more – you can perform detailed analyses. Many processes only need to be triggered by you. The collection and evaluation of data is automated, sometimes even in real time. But what happens once the data is available? The freestyle of data warehousing is the effective transformation of the countless data streams: cleansing, merging, interpreting data and supplying downstream processes with suitable information.

The OM Optimiser© bundles energies. Thanks to AI. It dissolves isolated analysis chains and helps you optimize your digital marketing holistically! Make better and faster decisions based on the highest quality and most reliable data.

Your benefits

  • All relevant online marketing channels with one login in only one tool
  • Easy connection of third party analysis tools like Analytics, Sistrix, AWIN and many more.
  • Integrated evaluations of performance data, across channels and tools
  • Automated error detection and derivation of appropriate optimization measures
  • Always in the picture & up-to-date thanks to task automation and alert system

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The heart of an integrated system: the data warehouse

OM Optimiser Funktionslandschaft

OM Optimiser Performance analyses in the SEO



Keyword analyses


Link building analyses

Content editor with quality checks


Bing Webmaster Tools & GSC

Google MyBusiness

Google Analytics

Own technique crawling

Robots.txt management

OM Optimiser Performance analyses of the technology

Continuous check of the status codes

Long-term evaluation of technology performance

Own security crawler

Evaluation of the meta data

Evaluation of images

Testing of Canonicals

Evaluation of URLs

Ongoing check of indexability

OM Optimiser performance analyses in the media

Campaign evaluations

Keyword analyses

Conversion Optimization

SEA Optimiser

Automated bid optimization

Trademark protection check

Social media performance

Affiliate Marketing Performance

Performance analysis for load times & uptime

Daily analyses of the loading times

Uptime Monitor

Competitor evaluations

Page size and number of elements

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This is Next Generation Online Marketing!


Stay flexible, use OM Optimiser on PC or mobile devices without any restrictions.

Big Data

Use the potential that lies in your data! Take your online marketing to a new level.


The OM Optimiser simplifies performance evaluation and helps you to better understand correlations.


Task Automation recognizes potentials and creates suitable tasks. Many tasks are completed automatically.

Alert System

In case of urgent need, you will be notified immediately via email or push. React without wasting time!

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The most important data warehouse functions of the OM Optimiser® are

All online marketing channels in one tool

The OM Optimiser makes online marketing a decisive step easier. With its 800 internal functions and over 15 APIs, the complete solution is a revolutionary enterprise tool that makes online marketing easier, faster and of higher quality. Together with the data warehouse tool, you have centralized all the data from all the tools into a single solution. Instead of having to switch between the confusing number of tools, you can now perform cross-discipline analysis with just one login. This not only saves time, but also leads to data-based and informed decisions.

Online Marketing Tool mit Affiliate Programm: Vorteile All-In-One Tool mit über 15 APIs

All SEO data centralized

As an all-in-one solution, the OM Optimiser, with its numerous SEO tools and integrated APIs, not only provides you with comprehensive analyses, but also centralises all data in the same place. This allows you to easily link the analysis results and draw well-founded conclusions about your SEO performance. Whether it’s data on keywords, backlinks, your content, technology, load times and much more, you can access it all in the same enterprise tool, accelerating your results. The enterprise solution in online marketing even makes it possible to include data from Google and Bing in your SEO analysis. Scale your SEO!

  • SEO Data from keyword rankings, backlink analyses, technology etc. in one place
  • Even data from external tools integrated through numerous APIs
  • Keep an overview even in a data frenzy

To the SEO tool

Das All-in-One SEO Tool des OM Optimisers mit zahlreichen APIs

Keyword research and monitoring made easy

OM Optimiser makes your keyword research a breeze. It not only makes it possible to perform keyword research in a single enterprise tool, but also to combine the results from Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and competitor analysis in one place. This data is supplemented with tool’s own regional rankings at up to 30,000 sites worldwide. If you wish, you can see the basis for your search engine optimisation long after the research has been completed. Your keyword rankings then show you the success of your SEO strategy. The OM Optimiser can date the ranking changes back to your first day of application. The game changer for your business – OM Optimiser!

  • Your keyword research in one single tool
  • Uncover optimization potential through loser and winner keywords
  • Data from the first day of application

To the Keyword Ranking Tool

Keywords Dashboard von OM Optimiser®
OM Optimiser: Die Wettbewerber im Blick
Die Google Search Console im OM Optimiser: Keywords

All data for your media performance in one place

The OM Optimiser data warehouse also offers media functions that maximise your performance at SEA and in social media. Bundled in one place, you will find all relevant data on your social media presence and the results of your ads. In the SEA tool, the OM Optimiser shows you the development of your campaigns based on conversions, sales, KUR and much more. By linking tasks and results, you can track which actions have led to which success. Through additional optimisation tips in the evaluation, you can save up to 25% of the SEA costs. This is next level marketing.

  • Results from social media, your ads and affiliates in one tool
  • Profit from the SEO data at SEA.
SEA Dashboard im OM Optimiser SEA Tool
Das SEA Tool im OM Optimiser: Die Budgetplanung
OM Optimiser Social Media Tool: Beitragsplanung
OM Optimiser Social Media Tool Dashboard

Long-term development of your technical setup in view

In the OM Optimiser data warehouse tool you will find the data from over 100 load times checks, more than 100 security checks and at least 100 SEO technical checks, which are carried out several times a day. Especially the load times and the security of your site influence the ranking significantly. For these critical factors, the OM Optimiser helps you to achieve maximum performance in both the short and long term through its data warehouse. If problems occur, you will be alerted immediately. But also in the long term, you can track how your website’s technology was doing in the past and understand how the problems came about. The status reports are always available to you. With the help of this data, you can perfect your technical setup for the future.

  • Data from hundreds of checks on loading times, security and SEO technology of your website
  • Breakdown into the various status codes
  • Optimization potential through traceable causes of problems
OM Optimiser Technik Check

Web controlling

With an overview of all relevant data, web controlling has also become much easier. With numerous graphics and filter options, you can track the development of your website even without in-depth knowledge and identify weak points. In some tools you can set your goals with so-called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which are automatically compared with your current performance. Further into planning, implementation and finally into performance measurement, analysis and optimization, all these processes are made possible by the OM Optimiser in just one tool. Take your web controlling to the next level with the innovative enterprise solution – the OM Optimiser.

Online Marketing Tool Vorteile Performance Conversion

Mailing: Data and templates for your newsletter

The OM Optimiser data warehouse tool also stores all relevant data in one place for your mailing and makes your work in e-mail marketing easier with templates, mailing plans, mailing statistics and recipient lists. Centralised in the OM Optimiser, you always have access to all the relevant information relating to your mailing project. Whether planning a new campaign, evaluating the number of mailings, the opening rate or the clicks, you will find everything you need stored in the mailing tool of the all-in-one enterprise solution. Especially with the recipient lists, Word documents with linked Excel lists are a thing of the past. Benefit from the new mailing tool and all the data related to your mailing activity.

To the Mailing Tool

OM Optimiser: Mailing Tool mit automatischem Tracking

Easy connection with OAuth

As an innovative and advanced online marketing tool, OM Optimiser features the universally trusted authorization protocol OAuth. With the OAuth framework, third-party solutions can be easily integrated into the all-in-one solution. You thus grant the OM Optimiser access to your data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, your social media channels and many more in no time and with the highest security standard. You authorize the OM Optimiser to integrate the desired data into the tool and apply the benefits such as the alert system to these tools as well. Even without technical expertise, the online marketing tools you don’t want to be without can be connected to OM Optimiser in minutes. Online marketing has never been so easy!

All-in-One Online Marketing Tool OM Optimiser mit Affiliate Programm

Data from all common APIs

In OM Optimiser, you not only have the results from the tool’s own functions at your disposal, but also the data from up to 15 APIs such as Google Analytics, the Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Facebook, Instagram, Moz, Sistrix and many more. Put an end to data silos and rely on the innovative data warehouse of the Enterprise solution. With just one login, you have access to all integrations and their analysis results – in real time. You not only save time, but also increase the quality of your conclusions. Tedious data transfer is a thing of the past. The OM Optimiser prepares the information in an appealing way and shows you the most important statements at a glance. Nevertheless, the OM Optimiser also makes deeper analyses from the integrations possible. This is online marketing of the next generation!

To the integrations

Die APIs des OM Optimisers

All Google tools in one tool

With the Google tools Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Google Ads, Google Lighthouse and numerous others, you always have the performance of your website under control. In order not to lose the overview, you can easily connect all online marketing tools provided by Google with the OM Optimiser. Already in the right disciplines, you receive the corresponding data presented in diagrams and simplified evaluations, so that you can always filter out the most important information with just one glance. Benefit from the data richness of Google Tools and the simplicity of OM Optimiser. With the OM Optimiser data warehouse tool, your data is always centralised and stored in just one place. Additionally, you have the advantage of synergies and data comparisons from multiple tools to maximize your online performance – without wasting time and resources. Take advantage of the newly set standard. Upgrade now!

Das SEO Tool im OM Optimiser: Integration von Google und Bing - Dashboard
Die Google Search Console im OM Optimiser: Keywords
OM Optimiser®Pagespeed Tool Yahoo und Google
OM Optimiser: Das SEO Tool mit integrierten Google My Business

Recent studies

According to a survey by Rakuten Marketing, three quarters of German advertisers want to increase their budget by an average of €374,000 next year. The top priority, with 52% approval, is to introduce and improve artificial intelligence and other technical and marketing tools. The respondents see the reasons for the budget spending mainly in the absence of modern technologies and tools for optimizing campaigns.

No matter whether logistics, transport, industrial and automotive sectors, tourism or publishing business – almost all sectors can increase their efficiency through machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) and use these technologies in different fields of application.

Since 2000, the technology market has grown by 104 percent. The turnover of the German tech sector is expected to be around 280 billion euros in 2022.


Those who invest in artificial intelligence in the next 5 years will have a high competitive advantage said 31% of the 329 respondents.

Adesso "Künstliche Intelligenz verändert den Blickwinkel"

AI is evolving from a hot trend to a critical factor for business transformation. The result: tangible and sustainable success.

90% of marketing managers support greater use of artificial intelligence.

KI - die Zukunft des Marketings, SRH Hochschule Berlin

“Artificial intelligence and automation will continue to replace many people in the future,” says Samwer, who considers the mass layoffs at Zalando to be just the beginning of a long development. The Rocket Internet boss predicts that there will soon be no more SEO or social media managers, for example. Machines could already do the job more efficiently.

Other relevant Data Warehouse functions

Complete solution

The OM Optimiser covers up to 14 individual tools. This allows you to work centrally with just one tool and save the costs of third-party solutions.

High-end functions

The OM Optimiser is an absolute high-end product: numerous APIs, more than 300 technical test points, brand protection and much more.

Google and Bing

In the OM Optimiser data warehouse you have access to data from 5 Google Tools and numerous Bing analyses. With the results of the search engine's own tools you can optimize your website in a targeted manner.

Performance development

With the OM Optimiser you can not only track performance data in real time, but also evaluate your performance in all areas over time. So you know which measures lead to success.

Alert system

For all important events concerning your online marketing, you will receive an alert email or a push message directly to your smartphone. This saves you a lot of time and reduces your reaction times to a minimum, even when you are on the road.

Export function

With a mouse click you can download the data collected in the OM Optimiser in a desired format. JPG and PNG are even available for graphics and diagrams. This saves you time-consuming manual transfers.


You have not only one, but several websites? No problem! With the OM Optimiser you can manage several domains and projects in one tool. Thanks to the integration of subdomains you can use OM Optimiser internationally.

User administration

To ensure that all project members are involved in important tasks, multiple users can be easily added to OM Optimiser. Assign different access rights and create up to 100 users free of charge.

OM Optimiser Coach

Your personal coach collects all tasks that are created with the help of Task Automation. If there is a problem with your loading times, the coach algorithm will recognize the priority over other tasks. If there is an immediate need for action, you will be informed accordingly.

The OM Optimiser data warehouse at a glance


The all-in-one tool for you too - the OM Optimiser!


A lot of data can quickly lead to confusion. The OM Optimiser puts an end to that! No matter if you are a newbie or a professional, benefit from the data warehouse in online marketing!


A large team and international as well? Managing this can quickly get out of hand. With the OM Optimiser, tasks can be assigned automatically and in 9 languages!

Resellers and agencies

As an agency, you can benefit from OM Optimiser. All online marketing tools bundled in the all-in-one solution! Also use our partner program and increase your sales!

Let others convince you!

We switched to OM Optimiser to give our employees from all countries access to the online marketing key figures. Working together in an international team has become much easier thanks to OM Optimiser and each country can benefit from the results and To Dos of the others. Thanks to fair pricing, all employees and service providers finally have access. I as the managing director can easily compare the performance of all countries and see what is done by which employees and where.

Martin Björn Thomson | Geschäftsführer | EM Group GmbH

Especially in a network in cooperation with many service providers in different countries, the OM Optimiser saves a lot of time. You have one tool for different tasks and keep an overview of everything centrally – even when you’re on the road.

Alert functions and push notifications keep you up to date and inform you promptly when action is required. Another plus point in trademark law: the brand protection tool.

Désha Nujsongsinn | Freier Creative Director

With the OM Optimiser we have an online marketing tool that we use in almost all projects. It is international, affordable and we can easily overview, manage and optimize the entire online marketing. Companies can not only monitor and optimize their SEO, but also have topics such as brand protection, security and mailings on their screen. Especially in times of digitalization it is important to set up the online area optimally without much effort. I also find the app particularly practical, as I am on the road a lot and thus have a view of all projects at any time even when I am on the road.

Johan Scheid | Blantyre Capital

With OM Optimiser we have finally found a comprehensive tool for our activities in the areas of SEO, SEA and mailing. It is a nice feeling to know that everything is constantly monitored automatically. Only with the OM Optimiser have we learned how often our website is offline. We also used the Search Console or Analytics far too rarely before. Now that everything is in one tool, this has changed suddenly. New insights were gained which were then incorporated into our online strategy.

Alexandra Weintritt | Geschäftsführer | Jet Ceuticals GmbH

As a handicraft enterprise we do not have online marketing specialists. Nevertheless online is becoming more and more important and every company has to position itself somehow. The OM Optimiser is affordable and takes the complexity out of online marketing for us. We no longer need 15 tools, but have everything in a cheap solution for about 35 €. We check our regional SEO rankings, create SEO optimized texts, send mailings to customers and check who is promoting our brand on Google.

Manuel Rudolf | Geschäftsführer | Abflussblitz

The OM Optimiser supports our fast growing company with digitisation. Thanks to the tool’s artificial intelligence and the high degree of automation, we save a lot of valuable time. Our employees are no online experts, but thanks to the tool we still manage to achieve good results. We can easily find new keywords, create SEO texts via the content mask and automatically see if and how these texts rank. As a managing director, I primarily use the app and I love the fact that I can always keep track of everything even when I’m on the road. For most important events the tool sends a push message. So I don’t have to take my time and actively study the tool, but am simply informed when there is something important.

Sven Salomon | Geschäftsführer | Klug versichert

The integrated approach of the tool is fantastic. Everything comes together in one platform. The OM Optimiser is the linchpin of online marketing for us. As a managing director, not only the performance – e.g. SEO – plays a role, but also that everything is in order with the website and that no risks arise. Here, the alert system, security function, uptime monitoring, etc. appealed to me.

David Hoffmann | Geschäftsführer | Creditreform

Your advantages with the OM Optimiser® Data Warehouse Tool

Effective Data Warehouse Tool with AI

  • OM Optimiser offers you an innovative data warehouse tool with artificial intelligence. Automated processes improve and accelerate the optimization of your website.

Harness the power of data

  • Data and analysis results from all disciplines of online marketing allow you to easily perform cross-discipline evaluations.

Maximize data-based success

  • Compare data from multiple sources in a single tool. So you can make data-driven decisions that are guaranteed to lead to success.

Cross-tool data

  • Even data from analysis tools such as Analytics, Sistrix, AWIN and many more can be accessed at any time in the OM Optimiser data warehouse tool.

Easy integration of external tools

  • Thanks to OM Optimiser’s unique technology, you can connect the APIs and sources you need to the enterprise solution in just a few seconds.

More than a data warehouse tool

  • OM Optimiser saves you valuable time. Data is collected directly in the tool and stored there. This eliminates the need to switch between different tools.

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Frequently asked questions

The OM Optimiser offers over 20 proprietary tools with which you can extensively optimise the various channels in online marketing. In addition, you have the option to directly connect many other third-party tools. Some of these are required for you to use the full potential of OM Optimiser in your business:

Depending on the tool, this process is always slightly different. But rest assured that linking other programs is usually straightforward and intuitive. Should you still need support, you will find many explanations with screenshots and videos directly in the OM Optimiser.

Yes, all reports and data can be downloaded in various formats (PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, CSV, XLSX or JSON). You can also print the reports directly from the tool.

In case of anomalies or urgent need for action, you will receive a message via email or push anyway. If you would also like to receive regular reports, you can simply create these individually in the OM Optimiser and have them sent to your email at various intervals.

The OM Optimiser app for Apple and Android is completely free. You can use the tool in the app without any restrictions. All OM Optimiser functions are therefore also available to you in the mobile app.

Yes, the OM Optimiser is an all-in-one tool with which you can monitor, analyse and optimise your entire performance. You also have your web controlling always in view with the OM Optimiser.

Promote the transformation of your company!

Save costs

  • Low running costs: Get the online marketing tool with AI from only 36€ per month.
  • Consolidate your online marketing tools into one central tool and save up to 1.350€.

All in One

  • Find all important tools for your online marketing with only one login.
  • You will receive errors, problems and anomalies immediately via push and e-mail.


  • The tool automatically recognizes the need for action and clearly shows you all the necessary to-dos.
  • The OM Optimiser independently automates many online marketing tasks.

Use the power of OM Optimiser – automate your online marketing, save time and costs and improve the performance of your projects!

Upgrade now!