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Free Website Speed Test

If your website loads too slowly, user frustration quickly sets in. As well as bad rankings. The OM Optimiser© has all this under control. Interested? Just take a look. With our free speed test!

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Are you satisfied with your site’s performance on the Website Speed Test? Where did PageSpeed rank you? A loading time of under two seconds is considered desirable. Users often click further if a page takes too long. Fast load times also improve your Google ranking. We’ve shown you how to improve your scores in the optimization suggestions. The individual points are explained below.


PageSpeed is on the one hand an important SEO ranking factor, but on the other hand it is also crucial for your business goal. A user who clicks on because the page takes too long to load is a lost customer you almost had. A fast loading time is an important factor of usability, but also of competitiveness. After all, your competitors also present themselves online and also know about the necessity of PageSpeed. Only the customer who stays with you will buy from you. A good result in the Website Speed Test is therefore doubly important for your business results: getting the potential customer to the site with optimized SEO, keeping him there and closing the deal. The more customers find you and stay there, the more conversions and the more sales you can book.

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The free Website Speed Test from OM Optimiser® in detail

The browser cache is a memory in the browser. Elements of the visited pages are cached there locally on the device. When the page is called up again, it loads faster because the browser no longer has to upload everything again – it falls back on the cached files.

By “server response time” we mean the span from the user’s click on the URL to the first byte sent. For Google PageSpeed, the optimum is a value of 0.2 seconds (200 milliseconds). There can be several reasons for longer times.

The abbreviation CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets”, a programming language for graphical elements. It was developed to separate design specifications from content. These design specifications are usually stored in separate files. Not all of them are really needed.

JavaScript is a scripting language, i.e. a special programming language that is mainly used for dynamic content and functions, for example to display dialog boxes or to check input, but also in games. Some of these files are larger than necessary.

The user should quickly see an image on the screen. This is “translated” by the browser from the source code into a representation. If the CSS or JavaScript files take too long to load, the rest must also wait – and with it the user.

Too large images increase the loading time unnecessarily.

How page size affects load time

The Google PageSpeed index was developed by the search engine operator using real loading times of Chrome users and is based on the percentages in the speed comparison. A value of at least 90 is considered fast, which applies to about ten percent of websites. Between 90 and 50 are those with average speed. Anything below 50 counts as slow – as do about half of all pages. The result of the classification is officially part of the ranking since mid-2018. Into the index PageSpeed flow different

factors of the loading performance. You get three different index data: a value related to the desktop version, a value related to the mobile version, and an additional mobile user experience score. How fast a page builds up in the screen depends on the size, but not alone. What matters is how many elements need to be loaded, whether they can be transferred within one HTTP request or whether several are necessary. Elements that are not necessary for the page can inflate the size unnecessarily.

Optimized source code

Long loading times in the Website Speed Test can have causes that are rather hidden. For example, page loading can be delayed if CSS or JavaScript files are required in the area visible without scrolling (“above the fold”), to which the HTML page refers, but which have not yet been loaded. The process can be accelerated by moving the corresponding code into the HTML file, but not as an attribute of HTML elements.
An optimized source code is an important means to speed up the loading time and is often underestimated.

OM Optimiser Website Speedtest Quellcode

Long line? Waiting for the server

Many websites today are dynamic. They are only built on request in the latest version. The server has to get the elements for this from the database. You can speed up the process by using caching. In doing so, a plugin caches elements and entire pages and can deliver them quickly. This process is independent of the browser and whether the user has visited the page before. A long response time can also indicate a server that is too slow. In this case, you should think about moving servers. The different servers should be thoroughly weighed and a suitable solution for your situation and the required capacities should be found.

OM Optimiser Website Speed Test Cache Preload

Optimize loading time with the OM Optimiser

Your page can also load faster using browser caching if you allow it. The important thing here is that the elements in the metadata are provided with an expiration date or the topicality is otherwise verifiable, so that no outdated information appears. In content management systems like WordPress, browser caching can be easily added via plugins, otherwise

via the htacces file. Because browser caching only brings success when the user clicks on your page for the second time, this should not be the only measure you implement on the way to more PageSpeed. After all, you want to keep the first-time visitor. And if the user clears the cache of his browser, the information will be lost and he will have to reload everything on his next visit.

Graphics and images

  • Photographers are usually very proud of their pictures, which are still pin sharp even in large format.
  • Today, even mobile phone cameras deliver photos with several MB.
  • However, a much lower resolution is sufficient for a good presentation on the website than for a print product or a photo printout.
  • You can get by with 72 to 96 dpi, and a small illustration does not have to be in screen-filling format.
  • Oversized images and graphics can become a drag when uploading.
  • The Website Speed Test will show you how much you could save.
  • Upload images only in the size you really need and use space-saving formats like PNG or JPG.
  • With more JPG compression, you can shrink image files even further without the viewer experiencing any loss of quality.
  • This measure is usually particularly effective for PageSpeed.
  • To optimize the sizes and therefore the loading times, there are also tools and plugins for content management systems like WordPress.
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Delete unused elements

  • Your source code may contain elements that are not needed at all or do not need to be so extensive. These only increase the loading time.
  • The Website Speed Test will also tell you this.
  • With an HTML minifier you can reduce the size of an HTML page without changing its appearance and without losing information.
  • You apply this tool before you upload the file.
  • There are reasons for implementing inline CSS. However, for PageSpeed, it is usually more advisable to outsource the styles to one or more separate CSS files.
  • The size of JavaScript files can also be reduced by tools.
  • The code often contains elements that are not necessary for the functions you use, but still have to be uploaded completely.
  • Check which ones you really need and delete the rest.
  • Whether HTML, CSS or JavaScript: Basically, you should only use what you really need and not transport any ballast that only affects the ranking and loading time.
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Online Marketing Tool mit kostenlosem Website Speed Test: Ladezeiten, Seitengröße und Anzahl der Elemente

Online marketing has never been easier with OM Optimiser®.

The OM Optimiser is an all-in-one online marketing tool that automates manual, recurring online marketing processes through artificial intelligence and is permanently available to you free of charge. Every company, every online shop and every blog has to deal with the topic of online marketing sooner or later. With OM Optimiser, you have all the tools you need to manage and optimise your digital channels yourself. Thanks to OM Optimiser, you don’t even need extensive knowledge or special training. See exactly what you need to optimize and how the changes affect performance!

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Let others convince you!

The OM Optimiser supports our fast growing company with digitisation. Thanks to the tool’s artificial intelligence and the high degree of automation, we save a lot of valuable time. Our employees are no online experts, but thanks to the tool we still manage to achieve good results. We can easily find new keywords, create SEO texts via the content mask and automatically see if and how these texts rank. As a managing director, I primarily use the app and I love the fact that I can always keep track of everything even when I’m on the road. For most important events the tool sends a push message. So I don’t have to take my time and actively study the tool, but am simply informed when there is something important.

Sven Salomon | Geschäftsführer | Klug versichert

We switched to OM Optimiser to give our employees from all countries access to the online marketing key figures. Working together in an international team has become much easier thanks to OM Optimiser and each country can benefit from the results and To Dos of the others. Thanks to fair pricing, all employees and service providers finally have access. I as the managing director can easily compare the performance of all countries and see what is done by which employees and where.

Martin Björn Thomson | Geschäftsführer | EM Group GmbH

The integrated approach of the tool is fantastic. Everything comes together in one platform. The OM Optimiser is the linchpin of online marketing for us. As a managing director, not only the performance – e.g. SEO – plays a role, but also that everything is in order with the website and that no risks arise. Here, the alert system, security function, uptime monitoring, etc. appealed to me.

David Hoffmann | Geschäftsführer | Creditreform

With OM Optimiser we have finally found a comprehensive tool for our activities in the areas of SEO, SEA and mailing. It is a nice feeling to know that everything is constantly monitored automatically. Only with the OM Optimiser have we learned how often our website is offline. We also used the Search Console or Analytics far too rarely before. Now that everything is in one tool, this has changed suddenly. New insights were gained which were then incorporated into our online strategy.

Alexandra Weintritt | Geschäftsführer | Jet Ceuticals GmbH

With the OM Optimiser we have an online marketing tool that we use in almost all projects. It is international, affordable and we can easily overview, manage and optimize the entire online marketing. Companies can not only monitor and optimize their SEO, but also have topics such as brand protection, security and mailings on their screen. Especially in times of digitalization it is important to set up the online area optimally without much effort. I also find the app particularly practical, as I am on the road a lot and thus have a view of all projects at any time even when I am on the road.

Johan Scheid | Blantyre Capital

As a handicraft enterprise we do not have online marketing specialists. Nevertheless online is becoming more and more important and every company has to position itself somehow. The OM Optimiser is affordable and takes the complexity out of online marketing for us. We no longer need 15 tools, but have everything in a cheap solution for about 35 €. We check our regional SEO rankings, create SEO optimized texts, send mailings to customers and check who is promoting our brand on Google.

Manuel Rudolf | Geschäftsführer | Abflussblitz

Especially in a network in cooperation with many service providers in different countries, the OM Optimiser saves a lot of time. You have one tool for different tasks and keep an overview of everything centrally – even when you’re on the road.

Alert functions and push notifications keep you up to date and inform you promptly when action is required. Another plus point in trademark law: the brand protection tool.

Désha Nujsongsinn | Freier Creative Director

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Recent studies

No matter whether logistics, transport, industrial and automotive sectors, tourism or publishing business – almost all sectors can increase their efficiency through machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) and use these technologies in different fields of application.

Those who invest in artificial intelligence in the next 5 years will have a high competitive advantage said 31% of the 329 respondents.

Adesso "Künstliche Intelligenz verändert den Blickwinkel"

AI is evolving from a hot trend to a critical factor for business transformation. The result: tangible and sustainable success.

“Artificial intelligence and automation will continue to replace many people in the future,” says Samwer, who considers the mass layoffs at Zalando to be just the beginning of a long development. The Rocket Internet boss predicts that there will soon be no more SEO or social media managers, for example. Machines could already do the job more efficiently.

According to a survey by Rakuten Marketing, three quarters of German advertisers want to increase their budget by an average of €374,000 next year. The top priority, with 52% approval, is to introduce and improve artificial intelligence and other technical and marketing tools. The respondents see the reasons for the budget spending mainly in the absence of modern technologies and tools for optimizing campaigns.

90% of marketing managers support greater use of artificial intelligence.

KI - die Zukunft des Marketings, SRH Hochschule Berlin

Since 2000, the technology market has grown by 104 percent. The turnover of the German tech sector is expected to be around 280 billion euros in 2022.


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