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Comprehensive functions for your online marketing

The OM Optimiser is your all-in-one online marketing tool for your pocket and makes your daily work easier!

In OM Optimiser all your online marketing channels can be integrated: SEO, SEA, affiliate marketing, social media, newsletter marketing and display advertising, but also topics such as security, loading times or sales. We have developed OM Optimiser to simplify overlapping processes and to create one tool for all topics. You no longer have to log into umpteen different tools.

There are clear dashboards for the management but also detailed evaluations for specialists. And all this in a user-friendly way! The OM Optimiser not only helps you to evaluate the channels, but also to optimize them. Your integrated online marketing coach finds problems and shows you the solution.

The OM Optimiser wants to support you to maximize your success in online marketing!

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Your benefits

  • All channels in one tool
  • Save up to 1.210€ p.m.
  • Significantly better performance thanks to AI
  • Free App for Apple and Android
  • Automation of many processes and tasks
  • Always everything under control thanks to Alert system

These overarching functions are offered by OM Optimiser


Keyword Tool

Analytics Integration

Reporting center


Competitor analyses

SEO SEA Synergies

Alert System

Without the OM Optimiser

There is a large number of tool providers on the market. And especially for large projects, there are often many tools in use. In order to get an overview of the current status in SEO, SEA, affiliate marketing, etc., you as a user must first log into various systems and pull the respective reports. Often, difficulties arise when it comes to drawing the right conclusions from the results and deriving the necessary actions.

The OM Optimiser offers you all evaluations in one place – with only one login. Based on the artificial intelligence of the tool, recommendations for action are also automatically generated to optimize your projects!

In addition to the high time expenditure, there are also enormous costs if you want to use all the relevant online marketing tools. These are mostly running costs, which also increase with increasing functions.

With OM Optimiser you automatically have access to all the tools you need for your project. This way you save up to 1.210€ per month!

Since there are many tools and key figures in online marketing, and they are becoming more and more, it is not easy as the person responsible for this area – and possibly as a non-expert – to keep track of everything. Many of our customers find it difficult to create the right reports, to know the important KPIs and above all to interpret them correctly. For this reason, and also because many of those responsible simply do not have the time or the technology for the evaluation, these reports do not even take place. What is the current status of the project? How have the relevant key figures developed? What does this development mean? And what needs to be done to drive success?

These questions and more are answered by OM Optimiser. Clear dashboards, an intelligent Alert system, an online marketing coach with AI and more take the work off your hands!

If you have the know-how and the necessary tools at your disposal, the key figures usually have to be put together manually and reports created in Excel & Co. This is error-prone and usually requires a lot of time. Time that would be better invested in the implementation of the necessary To Dos, in order to advance the online marketing project faster.

The OM Optimiser provides important reports automatically and combines key figures from different sources. Manual reports are now a thing of the past!

Logging into dozens of tools, complex manual reports in Excel, correct interpretation of key figures, maintenance of To Do lists, distribution of tasks and communication with service providers, management of documents and protocols,… This list sounds familiar to you and can be continued even further? Then you are like most online marketers. Time is worth its weight in gold in the fast-paced world of online marketing!

The OM Optimiser supports you with all these tasks and even takes over many of them completely automatically for you!

Procedure with the OM Optimiser

Analysis of the market and the actual situation

Planning of the Online Marketing To Dos
Implementation of the tasks
Monitoring of the measures
Evaluation of the performance
All in one tool

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All important tools with only one login. Your data journey can begin!


The OM Optimiser helps you to make your data visible and understandable.


You will receive a message immediately in case of important events.


The OM Optimiser automates recurring tasks independently.

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The overarching core functions


Thanks to the integration of Google Analytics , all data in OM Optimiser can be enriched with user data. This allows the success of the individual channels to be evaluated and linked even better.

  • Enrichment of all channels with user data
  • Targeted analysis of user data in the Analytics dashboard
  • Improved informative value of the performance of the individual channels
  • Use of synergies between the online marketing channels

Reporting Center

With the clear dashboards for all relevant online marketing channels, you always keep an eye on your performance and are also informed about news via Alerts and push messages.

  • Clear dashboards
  • Detailed evaluations
  • KPIs on SEO, SEA, display advertising, affiliate marketing, social media and social ads


The OM Optimiser is available to you at any time and from anywhere. Thanks to iOs and Android App you can quickly and easily access your online marketing developments and To Do’s on the go. Thanks to the App-badge you get an overview of the number of latest messages from the OM Optimiser without having to open the App.

  • Push messages for important events
  • Fast loading times
  • User friendly interface
  • Android and iOs

Competitor analysis

To be successful, not to lose touch with the competitors and to improve continuously – these are the main goals that most companies pursue. The OM Optimiser helps you to analyze your competitors skillfully and quickly in order to learn from them.

  • Comparison of the relevant KPIs in SEO and SEA
  • Load time comparison
  • Keyword analysis incl. suggestions for your project

Other functions

Keyword Tool

With competitor analyses, data from tools like Sistrix and the evaluation of your own performance, new keyword potentials can be identified continuously. The keyword tool offers many functions to find new keywords.

Customer Center

In the customer center of OM Optimiser, you store all relevant information and documents for your project. If required, you can also grant access to service providers, colleagues or employees.


You have not only one, but several websites? No problem! With OM Optimiser you can manage multiple domains and projects in one tool. Thanks to the integration of subdomains, you can also use OM Optimiser internationally.


Take advantage of the benefits of using SEO and SEA together. Experience gained from one channel can be transferred to the other.


At OM Optimiser you can gain insight into the activities of your competitors. For example, compare your backlinks with those of your competitors or rank your own loading time performance compared to your competitors.

This APIs offers the OM Optimiser

Google Ads
Google Analytics
Google Display Network
Google Lighthouse
Google My Business
Google PageSpeed
Google Safe Browsing
Google Search Console

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the specific tool, the connection to OM Optimiser is always slightly different. With Google Analytics , for example, a specific e-mail address must be added as a user. However, the connection is quick and easy for all tools. You can find concrete instructions, including screenshots and videos directly at OM Optimiser. If you have any questions, our specialists are at your disposal.

The OM Optimiser offers you free of charge and without further effort for you many online marketing tools already with direct connection. However, a few tools are directly with you and only need to be linked.
These tools must still be connected by you:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Awin
  • Belboon

Yes, you can download all reports and data as PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, CSV, XLSX or JSON. In addition, you can print the reports directly.

In the event of any anomalies or problems, you will immediately receive an alert at Alert – via a push message sent directly to your mobile device or by e-mail. This way, you are always informed if you should take a closer look at key figures or if there is an urgent need for action. In addition, the reports can also be sent by e-mail at various intervals.

Yes, you can download the free App for Apple and Android devices and simply log in with your account. This way you have all the data with you at all times.

Depending on which package you have selected, you can store a different number of competitors in OM Optimiser. In the Free version, for example, you can store 3 competitors, in the Enterprise version up to 20. Details can be found in our price list (link:

Depending on which package you have chosen, you can create different numbers of domains in OM Optimiser. In the Free version, for example, you can only store one domain, in the Enterprise version up to 20. Details can be found in our price list (link:

The OM Optimiser is available in German and English. The evaluations are available for all Google countries and languages.

Advantages from OM Optimiser


  • We create a professional strategy for you at the beginning. This is coordinated with you in a workshop and stored in OM Optimiser.
  • You will receive monthly consulting and support as needed, so you are never on your own and receive advice from experienced experts.

Know-how structure

  • Learn yourself how to improve your online marketing and use your full potential (without high agency costs).
  • Keep track of all relevant information yourself - fully automatically.

Save costs

  • Low running costs: Professional SEO from 39€ per month.
  • Consolidate your online marketing tools, e.g. Google Search Console, Google Analytics , Sistrix & Co. into one central tool.