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Google Analytics Tool

The OM Optimiser© contains everything that brings transparency and clarity. Even Google Analytics. You will find the indispensable tool of the search engine giant embedded in a user-friendly way. We deliver added value through networking. Just get started!

Google Analytics is the top dog among online marketing applications. Back in 2012, 87% of companies reported using the tool ( Research Live survey). For good reason. The insights into user behavior are worth their weight in gold. And allow clear predictions. With the OM Optimiser© we translate the information into clear usability. Customer wishes become transparent. Successes are calculable.

What Google has at its disposal is data. Figuratively speaking, it’s nothing less than insights into the minds of users. Generations of marketers could only dream of this until the digital revolution. The behavior of users thus becomes comprehensible. According to a study by MODUL University Vienna, clear predictions of future tourist numbers in major cities could be made using Google Analytics. Take a look at the OM Optimiser© and you will see the advantages at a glance.

With over 350 charts, numerous filter functions and comparison options, Google’s data brings light into the darkness where it used to be intuitive. What are customers doing on the website? Have videos been clicked on? Which age cohort prefers which pages? Which devices are used for surfing? The OM Optimiser© provides you with all the information you need to narrow down target groups more precisely. And to define personas more precisely. The best prerequisite for matching. Customer and product find each other precisely. The conversion rate increases. And so does the turnover.

Your benefits

  • Linking with Alerts
    Receive alerts when the data from Google Analytics shows major changes
  • Reduction of complexity
    Benefit from the easy handling and the clearly arranged display
  • All-in-one tool
    Unite all tools in one enterprise solution and keep the overview
  • Automatic comparisons
    Celebrate your successes with an automatic comparison of your online performance to last year, the previous month or the previous week

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The OM Optimiser® with Google Analytics offers these functions

Traffic history

Conversion rate

Visitors per channel

Bounce rate

Top 10 Pages

Alert system

Hiring by region, age, etc.

Ongoing target matching

Dates of the meetings

Page views

Integrated with data on SEA, Social, Technology

Simple representation

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    Years of experience

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The all-in-one online marketing tool for your pocket


You can use all functions without restrictions on the desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Data warehouse

The OM Optimiser© has an intelligent database for efficient data analysis.


Automated functions in all areas make everyday work much easier.


The OM Optimiser© Coach will support you in the implementation if required. So you don't have to be a professional.


React quickly: In case of important events, you will be notified immediately by mail or push message.

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The most important benefits of Google Analytics in OM Optimiser®

Complex data, simple handling

In the rush of data, it is easy to lose the overview. Not with the OM Optimiser! Despite extensive data from a total of 355 diagrams, each with 10 filters, you will always keep an overview with the OM Optimiser. The enterprise solution makes online marketing comprehensible for laymen and at the same time makes work easier for experts. Google Analytics in particular is opaque for many due to its numerous functions. With the OM Optimiser, the evaluation of the data succeeds in the twinkling of an eye. Although the navigation is similar to the Google Analytics tool, the data and charts are broken down to such an extent that you can filter out the most important things at a glance. Even deeper analysis is no problem with OM Optimiser! Filter and combine your website’s data with precision and have the analyses played out for you. This makes it easier than ever to make data-based decisions.

Das Google Analytics Tool im OM Optimiser: Dashboard
Google Analytics im OM Optimiser: Das Channels Dashboard

Automatic balance

With the OM Optimiser, you can closely follow the development of your online performance. Thanks to the integrated preset, you can easily compare your achieved results with the previous year’s figures. In this way, you can see how your website has developed as a result of the online marketing measures you have implemented, without the influence of seasonal fluctuations. For a direct comparison, you also receive your data from the Google Analytics tool in relation to the previous week or month. In order to meet your individual requirements, the time periods are also freely adjustable. Setting up analyses has never been so easy!

  • Automatic data on the previous week, month or year
  • Download of the analyses by mouse click
Google Analytics Tool im OM Optimiser: Channels mit automatischer Bilanz
Das Google Analytics Tool im OM Optimiser: Conversions Ziele
Google Analytics Tool im OM Optimiser: Pages

Exploit synergies

With the OM Optimiser you have all Google data from over 5 Google-owned tools, numerous Bing evaluations as well as results from the areas SEO, SEA, Inbound Marketing and many more in just one tool. In the interaction of these data masses you can maximize your online performance without losing even one second of your valuable time. Constant logging in and out, the time-consuming transfer of data and juggling between the tools is spared you with the OM Optimiser. Take advantage of the synergies from the various disciplines of online marketing and make informed decisions that actually lead to success. That’s Next Level Online Marketing. Upgrade now!

Das Analytics Tool im OM Optimiser: Audience in Regionen

Export per mouse click

The OM Optimiser automatically saves the data from Google Analytics in its data warehouse. Sometimes, however, this is not enough. For strategy discussions, reporting, etc., the data must be prepared in presentations. Thanks to the practical export function, you are spared the tedious manual transfer. With a click of the mouse, you can download the data in PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF formats, save it as CSV, XLSX, JSON or print it directly in the tool. Even charts can be exported in this way. With this huge time saving, you can refocus your attention on the essential tasks in business: Making sales. Away from time-consuming legwork, towards high-quality and professional online marketing – the innovative enterprise solution makes it possible.

Google Analytics Dashboard | OM Optimiser®

Recent studies

90% of marketing managers support greater use of artificial intelligence.

KI - die Zukunft des Marketings, SRH Hochschule Berlin

“Artificial intelligence and automation will continue to replace many people in the future,” says Samwer, who considers the mass layoffs at Zalando to be just the beginning of a long development. The Rocket Internet boss predicts that there will soon be no more SEO or social media managers, for example. Machines could already do the job more efficiently.

Those who invest in artificial intelligence in the next 5 years will have a high competitive advantage said 31% of the 329 respondents.

Adesso "Künstliche Intelligenz verändert den Blickwinkel"

AI is evolving from a hot trend to a critical factor for business transformation. The result: tangible and sustainable success.

Since 2000, the technology market has grown by 104 percent. The turnover of the German tech sector is expected to be around 280 billion euros in 2022.


According to a survey by Rakuten Marketing, three quarters of German advertisers want to increase their budget by an average of €374,000 next year. The top priority, with 52% approval, is to introduce and improve artificial intelligence and other technical and marketing tools. The respondents see the reasons for the budget spending mainly in the absence of modern technologies and tools for optimizing campaigns.

No matter whether logistics, transport, industrial and automotive sectors, tourism or publishing business – almost all sectors can increase their efficiency through machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) and use these technologies in different fields of application.

Further relevant functions in the OM Optimiser

Full App

For the OM Optimiser you can find a free app in the App Stores of iOS and Android. For the first time, you can access data from Google Analytics while on the go. Be a pioneer now!

Data preparation

The Google Analytics tool of the OM Optimiser prepares the data from the Google tool and shows you the most important statements at a glance. Through automatic comparisons with past figures you can see how your website is performing.

Alert system

For all important events concerning your online marketing, you will receive an alert email or a push message directly to your smartphone. This saves you a lot of time and reduces your reaction times to a minimum, even when you are on the road.


You have not only one, but several websites? No problem! With the OM Optimiser you can manage several domains and projects in one tool. Thanks to the integration of subdomains you can use OM Optimiser internationally.

Performance development

With the OM Optimiser you can not only track performance data in real time, but also evaluate your performance in all areas over time. So you know which measures lead to success.

Profit from synergies

In the OM Optimiser you can integrate not only Google Analytics, but also other Google and online marketing tools. Errors in data transfer are minimized in your interpretations and you can use the synergies from networking to your advantage.

High-end functions

The OM Optimiser is an absolute high-end product: numerous APIs, more than 300 technical test points, brand protection and much more.

Export function

With a mouse click you can download the data collected in the OM Optimiser in a desired format. JPG and PNG are even available for graphics and diagrams. This saves you time-consuming manual transfers.

OM Optimiser Coach

Your personal coach collects all tasks that are created with the help of Task Automation. If there is a problem with your loading times, the coach algorithm will recognize the priority over other tasks. If there is an immediate need for action, you will be informed accordingly.

The Google Analytics Tool of the OM Optimiser at a glance


Become an online marketing professional now - The OM Optimsier!


No matter if you are a complete novice or a professional with experience, the OM Optimiser gets the maximum out of your online marketing! Thanks to advanced AI and automation, many things work automatically. If you get stuck, you can easily use the help directly in the tool!


You already have an online marketing team and it's spread all over the world? With OM Optimsier this is no longer a problem. Available in 9 different languages, the all-in-one tool is the perfect complement for your business thanks to AI and numerous integrations!

Resellers and agencies

Use the OM Optimiser for your agency. Connect your favorite online marketing tools and work more efficiently and faster! Also use our affiliate program and benefit financially from our tool!

Let others convince you!

As a handicraft enterprise we do not have online marketing specialists. Nevertheless online is becoming more and more important and every company has to position itself somehow. The OM Optimiser is affordable and takes the complexity out of online marketing for us. We no longer need 15 tools, but have everything in a cheap solution for about 35 €. We check our regional SEO rankings, create SEO optimized texts, send mailings to customers and check who is promoting our brand on Google.

Manuel Rudolf | Geschäftsführer | Abflussblitz

With the OM Optimiser we have an online marketing tool that we use in almost all projects. It is international, affordable and we can easily overview, manage and optimize the entire online marketing. Companies can not only monitor and optimize their SEO, but also have topics such as brand protection, security and mailings on their screen. Especially in times of digitalization it is important to set up the online area optimally without much effort. I also find the app particularly practical, as I am on the road a lot and thus have a view of all projects at any time even when I am on the road.

Johan Scheid | Blantyre Capital

The integrated approach of the tool is fantastic. Everything comes together in one platform. The OM Optimiser is the linchpin of online marketing for us. As a managing director, not only the performance – e.g. SEO – plays a role, but also that everything is in order with the website and that no risks arise. Here, the alert system, security function, uptime monitoring, etc. appealed to me.

David Hoffmann | Geschäftsführer | Creditreform

Especially in a network in cooperation with many service providers in different countries, the OM Optimiser saves a lot of time. You have one tool for different tasks and keep an overview of everything centrally – even when you’re on the road.

Alert functions and push notifications keep you up to date and inform you promptly when action is required. Another plus point in trademark law: the brand protection tool.

Désha Nujsongsinn | Freier Creative Director

With OM Optimiser we have finally found a comprehensive tool for our activities in the areas of SEO, SEA and mailing. It is a nice feeling to know that everything is constantly monitored automatically. Only with the OM Optimiser have we learned how often our website is offline. We also used the Search Console or Analytics far too rarely before. Now that everything is in one tool, this has changed suddenly. New insights were gained which were then incorporated into our online strategy.

Alexandra Weintritt | Geschäftsführer | Jet Ceuticals GmbH

We switched to OM Optimiser to give our employees from all countries access to the online marketing key figures. Working together in an international team has become much easier thanks to OM Optimiser and each country can benefit from the results and To Dos of the others. Thanks to fair pricing, all employees and service providers finally have access. I as the managing director can easily compare the performance of all countries and see what is done by which employees and where.

Martin Björn Thomson | Geschäftsführer | EM Group GmbH

The OM Optimiser supports our fast growing company with digitisation. Thanks to the tool’s artificial intelligence and the high degree of automation, we save a lot of valuable time. Our employees are no online experts, but thanks to the tool we still manage to achieve good results. We can easily find new keywords, create SEO texts via the content mask and automatically see if and how these texts rank. As a managing director, I primarily use the app and I love the fact that I can always keep track of everything even when I’m on the road. For most important events the tool sends a push message. So I don’t have to take my time and actively study the tool, but am simply informed when there is something important.

Sven Salomon | Geschäftsführer | Klug versichert

Your advantages with the OM Optimiser

Increase efficiency

  • The OM Optimiser© offers all relevant tools in one place – with only one login. Annoying switching between several tools or tedious evaluations are a thing of the past.

Always informed

  • Even without actively monitoring the data in Google Analytics, you are always informed about any anomalies in your figures thanks to the innovative alert system.

Save resources

  • The OM Optimiser makes analysis easy for you. At a glance, you can see which data is relevant and what you should focus on in the future.

Increase quality

  • The AI of the OM Optimiser© supports you with concrete recommendations and correct interpretation of any results. Use this for your growth!

More overview

  • The OM Optimiser© makes Google Analytics understandable and intuitive to use again. The OM Optimiser has significantly reduced the complexity.

More turnover

  • Thanks to the many APIs like Analytics, you have an integrated tool that allows you to identify important synergies and untapped potential.

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Frequently asked questions

The connection of external online marketing tools works quickly and easily. With Google Analytics, you only have to enter your email address as a user and then you have access to the data world of Google Analytics in OM Optimiser. Instructions with screenshots can be found in the OM Optimiser if required and our experts will also be happy to assist you.

OM Optimiser is designed to revolutionize online marketing with ease. The proprietary technologies of the all-in-one solution provide you with all the features you need for outstanding online performance. Yet you shouldn’t miss out on the data from the tools you’ve come to trust. If you wish, you can connect Google Analytics as well as Google Ads, Facebook, Awin and many more with the OM Optimiser.

OM Optimiser also makes it easy for you to export the data from the tool. With a click of the mouse, you can download all reports and data as PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, CSV, XLSX or JSON. You can also print the evaluations immediately.

In case of abnormalities in your online performance, the OM Optimiser immediately sends you an alert message for all its integrated tools. You will receive this message either by push notification on your smartphone or by mail. With the OM Optimiser, you are always up to date on your performance – even when action is required. Of course, you can also have the reports sent to you by mail at regular intervals.

Yes, with OM Optimizer you can easily compare your data with other data (for example with the previous year). So you can see directly what your efforts have brought.

The OM Optimsier offers you data from numerous tools and you can connect even more via API. Use all this data to create synergies and not duplicate work.

Promote the transformation of your company!

Save costs

  • Low running costs: Get the online marketing tool with AI from only 36€ per month.
  • Consolidate your online marketing tools into one central tool and save up to 1.350€.

All in One

  • Find all important tools for your online marketing with only one login.
  • You will receive errors, problems and anomalies immediately via push and e-mail.


  • The tool automatically recognizes the need for action and clearly shows you all the necessary To Do's.
  • The OM Optimiser© independently automates many online marketing tasks.

Use the power of the OM Optimiser© – automate your online marketing, save time and costs and improve the performance of your projects. This is Next Level Online Marketing!

Upgrade now