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Above the Fold

User-friendly websites show visitors the most important information without them having to scroll down. Displaying important content at the top of the web page is called Above the Fold.

What does Above the Fold mean?

The term Above the Fold comes from newspaper printing and refers to the visible content on the first page of a newspaper that is folded once and displayed in a newsstand, for example. In web design, the term refers to the content that website visitors can see first when the page has loaded and is displayed in the browser.

Importance of Above the Fold for Search Engine Optimization

The placement of important content in the first visible area has a significant impact on the usability of a website. Content in this part of a web page is more noticed by visitors than content for which they have to scroll down the web page. Content placed above the fold provides users with information about whether they will find what they were looking for on the page.

For proper placement, web designers must take into account users’ different display sizes, browsers, and screen resolutions.

What content should we offer Above the Fold?

– The most important information of the page or a teaser
– Call to action
– Advertising from cooperation partners

Optimization with tools

Google Analytics provides web designers with a free tool to check the display and placement of content on different devices and in different browsers.

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