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Agile Coach

What is an Agile Coach?

The Agile Coach is someone who has experience in implementing agile projects and can share this experience with a project team. The Agile Coach is responsible for providing feedback and advice to new agile project teams and to teams that want to achieve higher performance.

If you want to develop new expertise in your project, the Agile Coach is an excellent source of knowledge and guidance.

What are the functions of an Agile Coach?

  • Serves only as mentor or coach and is not part of the Scrum team
  • Is often a person from outside the organization
  • Is able to give objective indications without personal or political considerations
  • Has experience in implementing agile techniques in different cultures and environments
  • Has successfully completed agile projects of varying size and complexity

Agile coaches can also provide other valuable services. They can help with a long-term strategy throughout the organisation before the pilot project. He can then regularly review the teams, help them stay on track with agile techniques and optimize behavior as needed.


It makes sense to continue this coaching if your agile coach has already supported you in creating new agile processes.

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