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Action Device

A Action Device is a trigger or means on a web page to motivate a user interaction. A Action Device serves as a catalyst for an action by the user. It has a high value in web page design and is considered an important marketing tool in user experience. The user should perceive Action Devices as facilitating the attainment of their goals.

Facilitation of contact

For example, a contact form embedded in a website should motivate the user to submit his request and other data through predefined fields. This facilitates the sender’s request, which he would otherwise have to make via a detour of an e-mail. The recipient is more likely to receive the complete desired information from the sender due to the predefined fields.

Forcing interaction

The category Action Devices also includes, for example, superimposed coupon codes, the use of which offers advantages to the website visitor, or clickable phone numbers that establish a direct connection when clicked from smartphones. The equivalent to this are clickable e-mail addresses that trigger the creation of an e-mail on the user’s mailClient and possibly already provide a subject line. Typical are also input fields or pop-ups for leaving the e-mail address for subscribing to a newsletter. Simple call-to-action buttons also belong to the category of Action Devices.

The aim of a Action Device is to make communication with the company as easy as possible for the interested party and to force their interaction.

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