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Active content

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Active contents are elements of a web page that enable a special functionality or create a certain dynamic in an otherwise static page.

What are active contents

Active contentis small programs inserted into an HTML page that are downloaded from the server on which the web page is stored to the user’s computer and executed on the computer. Active content allows the functionality of a web page to be extended in ways that can hardly be achieved with pure HTML. This includes, for example, animated images and graphics or registration forms. The programs are mainly created with the following script languages:

  • Javascript
  • VBScript
  • JScript

Another option is to call and execute precompiled program modules, such as ActiveX-Controls or Java-Applets when the web page is loaded. However, these technologies can also be used for less harmless applications. This results in possible security risks due to the active content on a web page.

Possible security risks due to active content

If the programs – unintentionally or intentionally – are programmed incorrectly, or have been programmed for the purpose of penetrating a computer, security gaps often arise which attackers can exploit for their own purposes without much effort. Under certain circumstances, they gain complete access to the computer through the program codes of the active contents.

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