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Ad Click Rate

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In online advertising, the Ad Click Rate is the percentage of people who visit a web page and click on a specific ad on the page. Using an ad click rate, marketers can measure the effectiveness of a variety of online marketing campaigns.

What is the Ad Click Rate used for?

It can be used to measure the effectiveness of ad copy, titles, and descriptions that make up the metadata of online content. Since most websites are built to compel users to take action, this data can help digital marketers figure out what’s working and what’s not.

  • The Ad Click Rate measures how suitable an advertisement was to arouse the interest of the users. The higher the Ad Click Rate, the more successful the ad was in generating interest.
  • A high click-through rate can help a website owner monetize the website through advertising costs, for example.
  • Such monitoring does not give advertisers insight into the intent and motivations of a person who has clicked on an online ad or content.
  • As Internet users have become desensitized to ads over time, a typical ad click-through rate may be as low as about two users per 1,000 views (or impressions), or 0.2%.

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