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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is a Ad View?

A Ad View is a metric used in online marketing that indicates how often an ad has been displayed to users on social media, for example. Whenever an advertisement is displayed, this display is counted as Ad View. For Ad Views, it is not a question of whether an advertisement was actually viewed by users and, if so, whether it was clicked on.


It is only about how often an advertisement was shown. Ad View s can be measured, for example, with a tracking pixel, whose call-up is counted by the server.

What is the significance of Ad View?

With Ad Views the relation of the click rate to views for an advertisement can be determined. Overall, however, the informative value of the Ad Views is limited. The key figure does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the Conversion rate of an advertisement or the leads generated and thus about the effectiveness of an advertisement as a whole. It is only possible to draw conclusions for optimising the ad in terms of content and placement.


An ad that was shown to 5,000 Facebook users and on which 50 users clicked has a click rate of 1 percent.


However, this key figure does not show whether the user actually viewed the ad or whether it was only displayed.

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