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Adaptive Content

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Adaptive Content (German: adaptable content) is a content marketing strategy and refers to content that can be used across different platforms on different channels and enables optimal interaction for the user. The focus is on the user with his wishes and needs. The content must offer different possibilities of interaction and be adaptable to different scenarios relevant to the user. The content played out must fit the specific needs of the user.

What are the requirements for Adaptive Content?

  • The content is structured so that an adapted display on mobile devices is possible.
  • The content is marked up with metadata to ensure that it is interpreted appropriately by the mobile device.
  • The content includes the geographical location and other data of the user.
  • Ideally, the content allows for personalized targeting so that different audiences can be properly addressed.
  • Use of a CMS or publishing tool that enables optimization for mobile devices.

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