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What is a Adblocker?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A Adblocker or ad blocker is a software solution that blocks intrusive online advertising on websites. In addition to classic banner advertising, Adblocker is also able to detect and filter out pop-ups, animations or advertising in texts and certain video formats. Adblocker is usually offered in the form of plug-ins or extensions for web browsers.

The first Adblocker

The first Adblocker were released in 1999. The software “Webwasher Classic” is considered a pioneer in this field. This was installed on a computer as a proxy server through which content on the World Wide Web was accessed. Online advertisements and pop-ups were filtered out in real time and hidden in the user’s web browser. The free application was later adopted by McAfee and is still actively developed today under the name “McAfee Web Gateway” and offered as a security solution for filtering URLs and online advertising.

How ad blockers work

Ad blockers work by using special features that are typically used to detect online advertisements. Common starting points for ad blockers are:

  • the size of the advertising graphics, which are largely standardized
  • Javascript, as online advertising is often based on this scripting language
  • typical advertising terms that appear in the URL

If elements are identified in the source code that are used to display online advertising, they are automatically blocked by the ad blocker.

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