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A AdGame is combination of advertising with an electronic game. It can be in-game advertising or games designed around a brand or other theme.

Importance of AdGames

AdGame s are relatively new, but at the same time a very efficient way of marketing. The success of consists in the ability to create an interesting game with a story that is consistent with the company or advertising campaign.

A relevant game with a friendly interface attracts people who are already interested in certain topics.

Developing high-quality promotional games is a cost-effective way to generate a large stream of customers. Moreover, an interesting game can update the perception of a brand and create a database of potential customers interested in a product or service.

What are the forms of AdGames?

    • Online games that integrate advertising into games to influence customers.
    • Free-to-play video games that advertisers use to distribute marketing communications in a fun, interactive, and engaging way.
    • Custom games provided to users online in which brand identifiers, product icons and/or mascots are embedded but can be controlled by the player.


An informative article about legal limits of advertising in computer games can be found here:

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