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Adjacency is a term from English that can be translated as neighborhood. In mathematics, it refers to the proximity between two points that are connected by a graph. In search engine optimization, it is a measure of the proximity between two keywords. The closer the keywords are to each other, the higher their relevance is to be classified.

Importance of Adjacency

Search engine ranking is influenced by several factors. One of them is the Adjacency of keywords. The closer they are to each other, the higher the chance that the website in question will rank at the top of Google or other search engines. However, the problem can arise that the reading flow is negatively influenced by too many closely spaced keywords. To prevent this, a special algorithm has been developed called the Rank Brain Algorith m.

Adjacency – Rank Brain algorithm and keywords

It is possible to put different stop words between the keywords. These can be articles, conjunctions or variations that greatly improve the reading flow. The Rank Brain algorithm is able to detect these stop words. This is very important, because then a great closeness between the keywords can be ensured even if various stop words are included.

What are keywords?

Keywords or key phrases are the basic building block of SEO and SEA marketing, without which SEO and SEA marketing would not work.

What is a Rank Brain Algorithm?

It is a search algorithm, an artificial intelligence that is designed to further improve the search results displayed and automatically display appropriate results for previously unknown search queries.

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