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The Admin-C is the general representative appointed by the owner of a website. In the case of private websites, the owner and the Admin-C are often identical; in the case of business websites, it is not uncommon for these two areas of responsibility to be separated.

The Admin-C – general power of attorney requires trust

The responsibilities of the admin C are far-reaching. He also has a high level of responsibility. He has full access rights to the website. This means that he

  • make changes,
  • close or sell the website, and
  • fill the website with content.

For this reason, the owner should choose the person he entrusts with this task carefully. He can be held liable for the contents of the website.

Natural person based in Germany – not a legal entity

It is mandatory that the Admin-C is a natural person with an officially registered address in Germany. The use of a legal person is not possible. This rule also applies if the owner of the website is also located in Germany.

Admin-C and online marketing

One of the central tasks of the Admins-C is to fill the website with content. He can decide whether he takes this into his own hands or entrusts one or more external persons with this task. This is very important, because only websites with good content can achieve high to very high rank ings in the search engines. This in turn is the prerequisite for potential users to find them.

What is Content?

Content is information and experiences directed at a user or audience and conveyed through a medium. High quality content is important for the ranking of a website.

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