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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is an AdRequest?

An AdRequest is used to measure the frequency with which an advertising medium was called up. As soon as an ad, for example a banner on a website, is called up from the server on which it is stored, this ad request is saved in a log file of the server.


Advertisers need to know how often their ads are served and what they have to pay for them. AdRequest can be used to measure the number of ad views.

Importance of the AdRequest for online marketing

The AdRequest is particularly important for advertisers in connection with CPM(cost-per-mille) ads, where – for example in the context of Google AdSense ads – the price per 1000 ads placed is determined. The number of AdRequests stored in the log files of a server is used here as the basis for calculating the cost of the ad. AdRequests are also a measure of a site’s traffic, but can lead to erroneous results if there are multiple ad spaces on the site.

The advantages and disadvantages of AdRequests

The advantage is that counting by means of Java scripts can be dispensed with. However, errors in counting occur when pages have not been fully loaded, for example, during mobile use. Even if the user leaves the website before it is fully loaded and cannot see the advertisement, this is counted as an ad request.

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