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Adserver Software



Software: Manage advertising material

Programs that serve to manage advertising media of all kinds are referred to as Adserver software. For this purpose, they are installed on a Adserver. This can be used both remotely and locally. Examples of Adserver software are the open source solution OpenX (formerly known as Openads) and Google Ad Manager.

What functions does Adserver software have?

The range of functions varies greatly depending on the respective provider. The same applies to the configuration options of the software. In general, the corresponding solutions have the following basic functions:

  • Banner management: Which ads can be seen where and when?
  • Success monitoring: Which users clicked on what, when, where and how often?
  • Format management: Which ad types are played?

Optionally, targeting can be added. With so-called geo-targeting, for example, ads are only played in a certain region. With keyword targeting, the target group should see ads that contain terms that are as relevant to them as possible. Targeting functions are particularly important if the ad is to promote providers who are only active in a certain region.

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