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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Advertainment mean ?

Advertainment is a term used to describe entertainment that contains elements of advertising. In this practice, companies integrate brand communication into the content of entertainment products (movies, songs, TV shows, etc.).

The word Advertainment is emblematic of the combination of advertising and entertainment.

Entertainment media that can be used to promote a message include: Television and movies, online media, radio shows, songs, music videos, video games, plays, and even books.

Mixing entertainment and advertising has become a popular way for brands to promote their products, with increasing advertising density and high advertising costs.

The three main types of Advertainment:

1. product placement – goods and services placed in media for advertising purposes.

2. product integration – a form of product placement where the product actually plays a role in the plot of a programme, book or film.

3. branded entertainment – entertaining content created by brands to capture the attention of consumers for an extended period of time. Good examples of this are company YouTube channels or Instagram profiles.

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