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What is a Advertiser?

As Advertiser is the operator of a website or an online shop who decides to place an affiliate link on another website. The visitors of the website have the possibility to click on the affiliate link and are immediately redirected to the website of Advertiser. Ideally, they make a purchase or perform some other important transaction. Then the Advertiser has to pay a commission to the affiliate. The amount is set in advance and is accurately accounted for.

What are the characteristics of a Advertiser?

It is a part of the affiliate circuit and fulfills an important role in affiliate marketing. The website owner who places the affiliate link on his site is called the publisher. The advertising space is provided to him by Advertiser. It is about own advertising on foreign websites


Commission to Advertiser in case of success – different billing models

If a business deal is concluded that has clearly been triggered by an affiliate link, the commission is paid to the publisher. It is never subject to chance, but is usually settled either according to the cost-per-click method, the cost-per-sale method or the cost-per-lead method.

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What is an affiliate?

Affiliates advertise the products and services of other companies on their websites or social media accounts and receive a predetermined commission.

What does cost-per-click mean?

Cost-per-Click describes a billing method in online marketing that pays per click on an ad.

What does cost-per-sale mean?

Cost-per-sale is a billing method where the user must complete a purchase action in order for the affiliate to receive their commission.

What does cost-per-lead mean?

Cost-per-lead is a method where the commission is due when the user contacts the advertiser, for example by subscribing to the newsletter.

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