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Advertising Awareness

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Consumers are confronted with a growing number of advertising messages from various brands and companies, especially on the Internet. Advertising Awareness is an important key figure for advertisers, showing how consciously consumers have perceived a particular advertisement.

What is Advertising Awarenes?

Advertising Awareness , in German “Werbebewusstsein”, is a measure of how consciously a specific advertising campaign was perceived and how well consumers can remember it. It indicates the ratio of consumers who can remember seeing advertising for a particular brand without prompting to those who cannot. The ratio is determined through surveys in which consumers are asked questions such as, “In the past 30 days, have you seen or heard advertising for product X or not?” If so, “What brands have you seen?”.

The metric should not be confused with the opposite term, awareness advertising. Awareness advertising refers to advertising campaigns designed to increase consumer awareness of a particular brand or company.

Significance of Advertising Awareness for marketing

Advertising awareness shows companies whether and to what extent they can reach their target audience with their advertising. Advertising Awareness is also an important measure of whether certain products are subconsciously associated with a particular brand by consumers.

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