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Agent Name Delivery

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Agent Name Delivery mean ?

So-called Agent Name Delivery is where Search Engine Spiders are sent to a page and your visitors are redirected to what you want them to see. This is done using server-side includes (or other dynamic content techniques).

For example, SSI can be used to deliver different content to Client depending on the value of HTTP_USER_AGENT. Most normal browser software packages have a user agent string starting with “Mozilla” (coined by Mosaic and Godzilla).


Most search engine spiders have specific agent names, such as “Gulliver”, “Infoseek Sidewinder”, “Lycos Spider” and “Scooter”.

How do you recognize Agent Name Delivery?

This is quite difficult because the owners of websites using Agent Name Delivery can control what you see.

  • You may be able to suspect that a site is using this technique if it appears to be indexed incorrectly, or if the title or description does not match the page being displayed. However, this could also have been accomplished by changing pages after being indexed by the appropriate search engine.
  • If you really want to display the search engine tailored version of a page, they must use a program designed specifically for this purpose.

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