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Agile UX

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is Agile UX?

Agile UX is guided by the principles of agile software development, redefined in the context of design activities.
Designers work in constant collaboration with team members and integrate customer feedback.

Activities at each product iteration stage can improve the appearance of the software product, making designers a critical element of the Agile team. No one works in a vacuum. Developers and designers work together to build a cohesive product.


The goal of Agile UX is to design software developments with flexibility and efficiency, as well as streamline processes.

What are the basic principles of Agile UX

Although there are many different types of implementations for agile development methodologies, there are some key principles that unify them:

  • Interactions between team members play a key role in software development.
  • Customer feedback and deep analysis are an essential part of the development process. Feedback is collected and measured early on so that the end user is at the center of product development.
  • Projects are completed in stages so that software development can respond to changes as part of the process.

These key principles illustrate how incorporating agile methods can enhance and complement user experience design methods.

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