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What does Average Handling Time mean?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Average Handling Time, or AHT, is an important metric for call centers. In the simplest sense, AHT is the average time it takes an agent to handle a call or transaction from start to finish – from call initiation, to wait time, to talk time, to all the related tasks they must perform after completion.

How is AHT calculated?

To calculate AHT, add up your total talk time + total hold time + total number of post-call tasks and divide by the number of calls. This is your Average Handling Time.

Importance of Average Handling Time in Marketing and Sales

Ultimately, AHT is not a success metric – driving employees to close tickets instead of resolving issues would speed up your AHT but lead to unhappy customers – but it is an important metric for calculating call center tiers and assessing efficiency for the call center as a whole or for specific agents and setting performance benchmarks.

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