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AIS Advertising Index Switzerland

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The AIS Advertising Index Switzerland was a monthly statistic published between 2004 and 2006 by Wemf AG, which specializes in advertising media research.


The index gave the estimated gross advertising investment in print products. The company did not take free placements into account.

Why did Wemf AG discontinue AIS Advertising Index Switzerland?

At the time, Wemf AG was confronted with a similar offer from its competitor Media Focus. The management realized that there was not enough demand for two only slightly different indices on the manageable media market in small Switzerland. It therefore reached an agreement with Media Focus and discontinued the index. Nevertheless, the company continues to be involved in this area, producing the following statistics:

  • Advertising expenditure in Switzerland: annual net advertising expenditure in all media.
  • Advertising statistics for the Swiss press: monthly advertising volume in print media

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