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AJAX crawling scheme

The AJAX crawling scheme was indispensable for search engine optimization in the past. Therefore, terms like AJAX SEO , AJAX Google or web crawler AJAX appeared in many guidebooks. The AJAX crawling scheme was a procedure with which Google (and also some other search engines) could capture dynamic content on web pages.


Google introduced the crawlers in 2009, but stated in 2015 that the method was now obsolete. Henceforth, one should rather rely on Progressive Enhancement and HTML 5


The AJAX crawling scheme explained in a simple way

The scheme relied on a so-called asynchronous data transfer between server and browser. Parts of the content of the web pages and the user interface could thus be reloaded directly by the browser without requiring a new HTTP communication with the server. The pages responded much faster this way, which made surfing more comfortable. Google therefore honored it when pages provided dynamic content in this way. However, the capabilities of the AJAX scheme are limited, which is why the aforementioned recommendation of switching to the more powerful options was made in 2015.


What is meant by crawlers?

Crawlers are computer programs that automatically search documents on the World Wide Web. Search engines such as Google use crawlers to find and index new web pages and new content.

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