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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is a Alert?

A Alert is a function of the search engine Google. It allows the recipient to subscribe to regular
news about a topic that interests him. This topic can be of a private or business nature, but also a topic of general interest. The only important thing is to choose the right keywords. After that, only a few steps are required. The user who wants to create Alert must have a Gmail account.

Stay up to date

By setting up a Alerts, time-consuming research can be avoided. Suitable keywords on the topic and the sources of reference can be selected for the setup. These can be newsletters or blogs, for example. In addition, the user can make a setting as to how often he would like to be informed and in what form this should take place. Thus, the news can be sent as a text message or by e-mail. The search for relevant keywords can be carried out not only in German, but also in over 180 languages.

The Alert and social networks

The messages sent via Alert can not only be generated from the keywords of well-known search engines such as Google. Social networks also play a crucial role in this context. Talkwalker is the system that is used the most. It allows searches via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. News, news and combined keywords can be evaluated.


Programs like and are worth mentioning. They offer fast and intelligent real-time monitoring, allow to set priorities and can exclude sending from spam.

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