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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Allintext mean ?

When searching for specific information on the Internet using Google, one usually gets several million search results. To narrow down the search results, Google offers a number of search operators. One of these Operaoperators is allintext.

How does the allintext search operator work?

Allintext is a Google search syntax that searches for a search term only in the main text of documents. Links, URLs, and titles are ignored in the search, even if they contain the search term. For example, a search with “allintext: Angela Merkel” will show as search results all web pages and documents that contain both specified terms in the text. Web pages with the search terms in the title are not displayed. In order for the Operator to be recognised by Google, it must be entered in lower case in the search field. A colon must be inserted between the Operator and the first term, followed by a space.

The difference between Allintext and Intext

When searching with the Operator Intext, Google searches the text of the web pages only for the word that immediately follows the command. All subsequent words are ignored in this search. Intext is useful when searching for web pages that refer to specific products or other web pages. Neither search operator can be combined with other Operaoperators.

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