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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Allinurl mean ?

The number of search results in the Google search can be limited by special search operators. One of these Operaoperators is Allinurl.

How does the Allinurl search operator work?

The Google search operator Allinurl can be used to restrict Google searches for specific search terms to the URL, including the file path, of a web page. The content of the page or links on the page are not included in the search. Searching with “allinurl: SEO agency” returns as search result all web pages whose URL contains both “SEO” and “agency”. The order in which the search terms are entered is irrelevant for the search result. The search operator must be entered in the search mask with lower case letters followed by a colon and a space.

If two search terms are written together, for example Seoagentur, the search will return different results. In the search results, websites are listed that are related to the search term, but do not contain the search term either in the URL or in the file name. For the search for a single term, “Inurl” can be used.

Allinurl for competitor analysis

The search operator can be used for targeted competitor analysis. The search results provide website operators with information about the keywords for which a website is frequently linked. A keyword analysis can then be used to determine the most relevant keywords and use them for one’s own website.

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