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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is AlltheWeb?

AlltheWeb was an Internet search engine, also known as FAST or FAST Search. The search engine was based on a doctoral thesis by Norwegian Tor Egges on FTP Search. AlltheWeb was released on July 16, 1997.

The special features of AlltheWeb

The search engine provided users with a convenient dialog box to set and save various search options. In total, FAST Search allowed searching in 50 languages. Right from the start, it was possible to include or exclude individual search terms or search phrases and to link them with each other via Operators. In addition, it was possible to set the character set of a page, the document size or, for example, the domain extension for the search via dropdown fields.

AlltheWeb as a competitor of the Google search engine

2 years after its launch, the search engine database contained about 200 million uniqueURLs. In July 2002, the crawler had indexed more than two billion pages. According to the search engine operator, FAST Search was a serious competitor to the Google search engine for some time in the early 2000s and offered a more up-to-date database.

Like the second major Google competitor, Altavista, FAST Search was initially acquired by Overture Services, Inc. in 2003 and shortly thereafter became owned, along with Overture, by Yahoo! On April 4, 2011, AlltheWeb was finally shut down by Yahoo!

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