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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does ALT-Tag mean ?

The ALT-Tag also called ALT attribute is the description text for a graphic in the HTML code of a web page. ALT stands for “alternative”. The correct term is ALT attribute, but colloquially ‘ALT tag’ is often used. It belongs to the meta information and is not visible to the user.

What is the meaning of the ALT attribute?

  • Description text for the visually impaired: Screen readers capture the description text for an image and read it aloud to the visually impaired.
  • If the image cannot bedisplayed: If the image cannot be loaded, for example if the graphics display is switched off, the ALT attribute is displayed.
  • Search engineoptimization: Since search engines cannot “see” images, a suitable description text is important for image searches in Google and other search engines.

What should the ALT-Tag include?

The ALT attribute should optimally describe the content of an image in a few words, so that even a blind person (and Google) can imagine something about it. For example, the ALT attribute of a company logo should not be simply ‘logo’, but e.g. ‘company logo IKEA’. On the part of Google there is no restriction on the number of characters that can be used for the ALT attribute. For more complex images, the ALT text can therefore be more detailed. For graphics that contain text, that text should also be in the ALT attribute.

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