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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Angular mean ?

Angular is a so-called “framework”, which is based on the script language JavaScript and is developed by Google . The framework is primarily used in the development of so-called single-page web applications (SPAs) and places great emphasis on structure and quality. Angular was the first framework in the JavaScript area that was also suitable for large business applications due to its focus on reusable components and a clearly defined structure.

Functions and Features

The framework was developed with Typescript and is designed for a component-based architecture. It combines modern design approaches with the flexibility typical of JavaScript to implement complex requirements quickly and easily. By using Typescript, the framework has the necessary type safety like the programming language Java, but is still not bound to Typescript and allows the developer to also use JavaScript with ES5 or ES2015+. Functions and features in key points:

  • Developed and actively used by Google
  • Support for bidirectional data binding
  • Is designed for good testability

Architecture of Angular applications

In single page web applications, a full page request is sent to the appropriate server when the web page loads. All other actions are controlled directly by Javascript, resulting in a fluid user experience that is on par with a native application. This strict separation of Client from the server allows the application logic to be offloaded to Client, saving server resources and enabling high user numbers with relatively low server hardware.

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