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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The administration and configuration of networks and computer systems often involves recurring tasks and processes. With special tools like Ansible these tasks can be automated to a large extent.

What is Ansible?

Ansible is a free basic open source tool for automating the administration and configuration of IT systems. The tool requires only minimal system requirements and allows the automation of simple tasks up to highly complex tasks. Basic system settings can be made with the tool, as well as the complete setup of new systems including necessary software installations.

What are the special features of Ansible?

The system requirements are very low. The devices with which the tool is to be used only require OpenSSH and Python. In addition, unlike many other tools, no separate agent is required on the target system for remote access.

Ansible Resources for Automation

For automating tasks, the tool uses three different resources:

  • Modules
  • Inventory
  • Playbooks

Modules are stand-alone subroutines that perform recurring tasks. The inventory contains the names or IP addresses of the available hosts and describes which system nodes can be accessed via the tool. The so-called playbooks take over the automated processing of the specified tasks.

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