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Applause Rate

What is the Applause rate?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The Applause rate is a key figure that reflects the ratio of positive feedback, for example likes on Facebook, in relation to the number of posts of a user in social media. It describes the virtual Applaus that user posts on social media receive in recognition.

How is the Applaus rate calculated?

The basis for the calculation is the number of positive feedback on a social media user’s posts. Depending on the platform, the feedback can be given in different ways. For example, the number of feedbacks on:

  • Twitter: number of Favorite Clicks per post
  • Facebook: Number of Likes per post
  • Google Plus: Number of +1s per post
  • YouTube: Number of Likes per video

The counting is done automatically on the platforms. To calculate the Applause rate, the total number of positive feedbacks is divided by the total number of posts.

What is the significance of the Applause rate?

The Applause rate must be evaluated critically. Taken on its own, the key figure only allows very limited conclusions to be drawn about the success of social media engagement. It does not provide any information about why certain posts or videos have received more recognition from users than others. It must therefore always be used in conjunction with other indicators such as the amplification rate and Conversionrate.

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