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App leScript is a programming language developed by the Californian hardware and software company Apple. It is used for the company’s own computer operating system Mac OS. It is used for the company’s own computer operating system Mac OS and is usually used to automate programs or to control them remotely through other Applikations.

Developed in 1993, AppleScript is relatively easy to learn compared to other programming languages. It is based on the English language and not on other logic systems like other languages. For example, Apple itself has an extensive AppleScript editor with numerous examples of commands built into Mac OS.

How can AppleScript Apps communicate with each other?

Mac OS has AppleEvents built in. It is a special communication protocol that is able to understand and implement commands written in the scripting language. For example, you can write a script that tells the Apple Office application Pages to open a blank document every time you restart your computer.


This shows the great added value of

the language: Even laymen can write scripts relatively quickly and easily, which significantly relieve their everyday work processes.

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