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A Applet is a small program that has only narrowly defined tasks to perform. This can be, for example

  • performing calculations
  • drawing diagrams or
  • the evaluation of forms


The best known variant of Applets are the Java-programs, which are used very often in practice. They are entered directly into the HTML documents. In order to execute an HTML code, it is only necessary to download the Applet file from the memory to the computer of a Client.

What services does a Applet offer?

The programming language Java can be used to its full extent. In addition, it is possible to access various objects within the framework of object orientation. This can be for example website design or multimedia functions. By using Applets web pages can be designed dynamically, new as well as completely different. However, Applets cannot access the file system of the Client computer. This means that they are not able to read or modify files from the hard disk. They also cannot establish connections to other computers.

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