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Application Error Scanner

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Application Error Scanner is software that is used to check web pages. Its purpose is to prevent confidential information that is not intended for the general public from being included in possible error messages. For example, error messages are sent using the HTTP 500 code. However, there are a number of other codes, each of which is assigned to a specific error type. The Application Error Scanner can be used to detect errors and to track down and display sensitive data that may be used for an attack at a later time.

Generate error messages – detect dangers

In order to detect possible threats and to find vulnerabilities, the Application Error Scanner deliberately generates an error message. This error message contains confidential information such as:

  • protected passwords
  • information about the environment
  • the users
  • or highly sensitive data

If this happens, an attack is attempted. If this attack fails, the server provides information about the reasons as well as possible errors

, which can be used to launch another attack. Vulnerabilities, for example in path traversal, can thus be deliberately detected and subsequently eliminated by appropriate measures.

What solutions does the software offer?

Errors can be traced in detail. They must be recorded in log messages. In addition, it is necessary to document exactly what could happen if the messages were displayed to the attackers. Passwords are not recorded in the logs.

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