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Applikation/ App

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is a Application?

A Applikation is a computer program that is used to solve certain tasks. In German usage, the English term “Application” became the German technical term Applikation, which is abbreviated to App in many cases. The term Applikation / App only really became established in the German-speaking world with the market launch of the “iOS-App-Store” in 2008. Since then, Applications have primarily been associated with mobile Apps, i.e. application software for mobile devices based on Android or iOS.


While a system software, such as the operating system, forms the platform for Apps, Applikations stand as an umbrella term for all computer applications that the user can use or execute on the computer. A Applikation / App is often part of a standard software package, such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. These are offered either as free open sourceApps or as paid software products.

Specialized Apps

However, there are also activity- and industry-specific Apps that are offered as individual software. These software products are tailored to specific requirements and are developed individually to order by software houses. Application-independent Apps include, for example:

  • Text editing programs
  • Database applications
  • Graphics programs

Industry-specific software products include, for example, Apps for architects, fashion designers, archaeologists, tax consultants but also Applikations for the control of operational processes.

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