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Arelis – part of the Internet Business Promoter Software (IBP)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The Arelis software has been integrated into the Internet Business Promoter Software (IBP). The IBP has various functions that can help to achieve the best possible search results for a website. It is also very good for promoting the presence of a new website. Since the integration, Arelis is an important tool of IBP that can quickly and easily build a network to a website.


Arelis is a software that can direct visitors to your website. It supports users in building links and can also generate reciprocal links. The latter is a novelty. The goal is to generate new contacts and to improve the ranking of one’s own website in search engines. The higher the number of links, the better this can be achieved.

An important function – links to competitors

Arelis, as part of the IBP software, can very quickly determine which websites direct their users via links to websites that are in competition with their own website. The IBP software can not only find these sites, but make targeted contacts with the administrators. The aim is to convince them to direct the links to their own website instead of to the competition.

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