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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Discussion forums in the real world and on the Internet thrive on the exchange of opinions between their participants. Special programs such as ARSC ensure smooth and direct communication.

What is ARSC?

ARSC (A Really Simple Chat) is a web chat system based on PHP and MySQL. The chat program can be used with any browser, including text-based browsers. Braille screen readers are also supported. With modern browsers with frame support and Javascript enabled, the chat program uses these technologies. Unlike many other chat programs based on PHP and MySQL, “A Really Simple Chat” can be run with a so-called socket server.

The installation and the handling of the program is very simple, nevertheless it offers users all important functions. The program has a simple, comfortable administration interface, a two-level moderation system including message queue management as well as different moderator and VIP roles. In addition, there are freely definable layouts with support for different layouts for users and chat rooms, so-called ID cards for registered users including individual guest books. Furthermore, the chat program supports multiple languages

System requirements for ARSC

To run ARSC on a website, a web server supporting PHP 4, 5 or higher and a MySQL database are required. One advantage of the chat program is that it is very resource efficient and can serve a large number of users at the same time.

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