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Artificial Intelligence

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)?
A.I. attempts to process and respond to data as a human would. In general, A.I. falls into three categories – though it’s worth mentioning that there’s still disagreement about what the exact definitions are, let alone whether they’re actually possible.

What types of Artifial Intelligence are there (in the future)?

    • Narrow Artificial Intelligence: Narrow A.I. is used where most of humanity’s work has been done so far. As the name implies, it focuses on performing a single task and interactions with a Narrow A.I. are limited.
    • General A.I.: General A.I. is capable of understanding context and making judgments from it. Over time, it learns from experience, can make decisions in uncertain times or without prior data, uses reasons, and is creative. Intellectually, these computers function much like the human brain.
    • Super A.I.: In the distant future, A.I. will be intellectually superior to humans in every way. A.I. robots would be able to think for themselves, gain consciousness, and operate without human involvement, possibly at the instruction of another A.I.

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