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Atom Feed

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A Atom Feed is a file type. This file describes a list of content in a structured way. Originally, a feed consisted of a headline describing a site and a list of blog posts, often containing the full content of a post. Later, Atom Feeds became the most popular method for podcast players-Apps to update the list of available shows from each podcaster.

A Atom Feed is part of a content syndication protocol developed from 2003 to 2007 and inspired by RSS.


  • Atom Enabled is the home of the Atom protocol. Full explanations, examples, and a directory of sites and Apps published using the protocol can be found here.
  • Two IETF standards describe it. The Atom Publishing Protocol (IETF RFC 5023) and the Atom Syndication Format (IETF RFC 4287).
  • Wikipedia “Atom (standard)” provides an overview of the Atom history.
  • Some of the project goals: “100% vendor-neutral”, “implemented by anyone”, “freely extensible by anyone”, and “cleanly and accurately specified”.
  • Biggest differences to RSS: Atom is now managed by the IETF standard process, is written in XML and complies with the date and localization standards.

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