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Attention Value

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Attention Value mean ?

Attention Value (often also: Attention Value of Advertising) describes the perception value of a product or service by the target group or also the total customer. The value is expressed as a percentage. It has nothing to do with the actual value of the product, but only with the proportion of potential customers who actually take notice of the offer.

Attention Value : An example

Suppose a retailer sells smartphones and receives a new model. He advertises it on the Internet, on TV and in newspapers. In total, he reaches one million people. Afterwards, 500,000 people can still remember advertising. The Attention Value is therefore 50 percent.

This value offers some advantages for online marketing:

  • The effectiveness of the advertising measures can be checked overall.
  • The effectiveness of the different advertising channels can be compared.
  • An assessment of the popularity of a product or service can be made.
  • Further information about the target group can be gained (for example, do they respond particularly well to advertisements in social media or rather to TV spots?)

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