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Attestation Identity Key (AIK)

What does Attestation Identity Key mean?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The Attestation Identity Key is a key pair that consists of a private and a public part and is used to certify trustworthiness to third parties. The abbreviation is AIK. Only the public part is passed on to third parties.

How is the Attestation Identity Key generated?

The AIK can be generated by a chip located in the computer and named Trusted Platform Module (TIP). This chip is capable of adding basic security features to the computer. In addition, the Endorsement Key, or EK, plays an important role in generating the Attestation Identity Key.
The AIK does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the Endorsement Key.

What are the most important properties of the Attestation Identity Key (AIK) and the Endorsement Key (EK)?

Thelength of the AIK is uniquely defined and is 2048 bits. The Endorsement Key is also unique and cannot be used to authenticate the integrity of a platform.

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