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Audience Extension

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Audience Extension mean ?

Audience Extension is a measure that aims to convert the traffic that is drawn to a website into an advertising target group. This is to generate more revenue for the publisher of a website.

Audience Extension – Publishers set Cookies

Cookie s are Javascript codes that are set when a visitor views a web page. The visitor does not have to tolerate this, but can object to the Cookies in whole or in part. In this case, however, it is possible that he will only be able to access the contents of the website to a limited extent or not at all. In many cases, there are no restrictions at all, even if the user does not accept the Cookies.

Audience Extension – Visitors are tracked on the Internet

Thepurpose of Cookies is to track visitors to the website on the Internet. Advertiser can use the information to place advertisements on third-party websites.
In practice this looks for example in such a way that an Internet user arrives at the web page of an on-line shop. There Cookies are set. If the user calls up another website at a later time, he will find an advertisement from the online shop there. The websites do not have to have anything to do with each other in terms of content. Thus, the advertisement for the online shop may well be on a news page.

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