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Authoritative name servers

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In order for computers to communicate with each other over a network such as the Internet, they need unique addresses. On the Internet, these are the IP addresses assigned to a domain. Authoritative name servers are the highest authority for resolving domains into IP addresses.

What are authoritative name servers?

Authoritativename servers are part of the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS). Among other things, these name servers store the IP address assigned to a website. An authoritative name server responds to queries from other name servers in the DNS with the IP address of a web page and other information. The name authoritative name server comes from the fact that the server has the authority to give answers about the assignment of IP addresses to domains that are binding for the requesting servers.

What is the function of authoritative name servers in DNS?

Authoritative name servers perform several functions in the DNS. The most important are:

  • Issuing binding DNS information to other name servers
  • Assigning IP addresses when registering new domains

The mappings of IP addresses to web addresses can be stored in multiple places on a network. These are the user’s computer, the router and the name server of the Internet service provider. If the IP address is not known at the ISP, the request is forwarded to a DNS root server. The root server in turn forwards the query to the authoritative name server responsible for the DNS zone, which provides a binding response to the query. The answer is sent back to the browser via the chain so that the connection can be established.

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