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Automotive User Interfaces

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The development of Automotive User Interfaces for motor vehicles is one of the most challenging areas of human-computer interaction.

What are Automotive User Interfaces?

Automotive User Interfaces are all interfaces through which humans interact with a vehicle. In addition to the classic controls such as the steering wheel, brake or accelerator pedal, this includes all devices and applications that are needed to operate a vehicle – for example, the navigation system or driver assistance systems.

Requirements for Automotive User Interfaces

Vehicles have become complex interactive systems. With the digitization of mechanical controls and electrical systems, it is now common for the driver to interact with a variety of applications while driving. Modern user interfaces allow the driver to send a text message, answer a phone call or search for an address to enter into the navigation system while driving.

These systems offer significant added value, but also increase driving risk. The design and functions of modern user interfaces in motor vehicles should therefore support drivers in their task without distracting them and increase safety.

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