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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>If customers do not receive a timely response to an e-mail inquiry or if interested parties have to wait for what feels like an eternity for the requested information, this leads to disgruntlement and annoyance. With a Autoresponder, companies and website operators can automatically respond to requests from customers and prospects at any time of the day or night.

What is a Autoresponder?

A Autoresponder is software that allows you to send automated emails. This function is available as standard with most e-mail providers and can be adapted to individual needs.

What is a Autoresponder used for?

Initially, the first Autorespondern could only be used to send pre-written out-of-office notes in response to emails received during holiday periods or weekends. This function, known as Autoreply, is now available in practically all e-mail programs.

Professional programs used for e-mail marketing offer numerous other functions. For example, these programs can be used to send several e-mails with different content back at different times in response to inquiries from prospective customers. It is also possible to send an automated e-mail thanking the Shop or website operator after a user has subscribed to a newsletter or after a purchase has been made.

Another function are so-called countdown mails, with which companies can announce a certain event, for example the sale of products. These mails are sent automatically by Autoresponder at predefined times.

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