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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Axandra GmbH, based in Staudt, Germany, has developed a software with tools for search engine optimization that is used worldwide.


The aim of Axandra is to support small and medium sized companies in designing their websites and optimizing their internet presence

. Ideally, the websites can become an additional source of revenue for the companies.

Axandra – Features

The most important features are the SEO-Profiler and the iBusiness Promoter. The SEO-Profiler is a web-based tool that can be used to achieve good rankings in search engines. This is done for example by:

  • Keyword research
  • Linkbuilding
  • Link management
  • Website optimization and ranking check

The iBusiness Promoter is a complete set that performs similar tasks as the SEO-Profiler.

Axandra – SEO-tools

The Axandra software has a ranking monitor that can be used to check the current website ranking. In addition, a direct comparison with the competition is possible. The Ranking Monitor shows which keywords need special attention. If they are placed in a more exposed position, more visitors can be led to the website.

Countries and regions
For small and medium-sized companies with a local connection, it is very important that they are listed in local rankings.
Mobile and desktop
Due to the increasing importance of mobile devices, it is elementary for all businesses to be represented in mobile search engines.

What does link building mean?

Link building is the intentional increase in the number of backlinks, i.e. links pointing to a website.

What does website optimization mean?

Website optimization provides the ability to analyze and optimize user behavior. For example, it can ensure that the bounce rate is significantly reduced and visitors stay longer on the website.

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