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Brand awareness

Brand awareness is an important prerequisite for business success. The better known a brand is, the greater its sales potential. However, the degree of awareness says nothing about the assessment by consumers. Widespread awareness can also result from negative headlines such as scandals.

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In what way can brand awareness be measured?

Market researchers survey consumers and distinguish between unaided and aided recall:

  • In the first step, participants are asked to name names independently for a specific product category or industry. (unaided recall)
  • In the second step, researchers list brand names and want to know whether respondents know them. (aided recall)

The brands that appear frequently in the first question without aided recall have above-average brand awareness. Usually evaluative questions follow in order to be able to assess the popularity of a brand.

How can brand awareness be increased?

All means of offline and online marketing are suitable for this. Which means are recommended for a company depends on a variety of factors such as the financial budget and the target group. However, online marketing also enables small companies with low financial resources to achieve success, for example through viral marketing.

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