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B2A (Business-to-Administration)

What does B2A (Business-to-Administration) mean?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Business-to-administration (B2A) refers to business relationships and online communication between companies and public administrations and authorities. This includes

  • business relations with registration offices,
  • relations with customs or the tax authorities
  • as well as public-private partnerships, abbreviated PPP.


In e-commerce, a distinction is made between business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-administration (B2A) relationships.

Public authorities and companies can communicate and interact with each other for very different reasons. A B2A (business-to-administration) relationship can be a business relationship:

  • as between two companies,
  • the placement of workers, for example, by the Federal Employment Agency
  • or the handling of legally formal processes, such as the transfer of wage tax for employees to the tax office.

Public authorities use private providers in particular when it comes to solutions and systems for electronic data processing or IT infrastructure.

A special form of relationship between public authorities and companies in the B2A (business-to-administration) sector are the so-called public-private partnerships. PPPs are often entered into when the federal government wants to build a new highway and awards the contract for the construction to private contractors, who in return receive the revenue from the truck toll for a certain period of time.

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